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    TBU later!!

    Post by Noire on Wed Jun 15, 2016 2:30 pm

    ♕ Calling ♕ 
    Mort Noire
    Trasnlated to: Black Death in French

    ♕ Species♕  
    Lycaon pictus, Aves or Pneumere 
    African Wild Dog and Bird Hybrid

    ♕ Sex ♕ 

    ♕ Hourglass♕  
    Keeping track to her would be useless.

    ♕ Traits♕ 
    Noire is a dominant and beautiful feminine. She holds a rare blood line that only she sports. She is dominant, hot tempered, feisty, flirty, quiet and aggressive. She holds discreet and prominent decisions that make her a majestic figure in all. She holds very little emotions and most likely will never cry in front of anyone. She is NEVER submissive to a sovereign figure, even if they rank ahead of her. She is toxin itself, not afraid to puncture any figure who thinks twice about her. 
    Whoever can win her heart will be lucky because she's a prick that doesn't want to make friends or a mate for that matter. Overall, she is a destructive, cold, dominating female who will not think twice to get rid of any nuisances. 

    **More traits will not be listed.**

    ♕ Infatuation♕ 
    Her heart isn't shown to just anyone, if she even has a heart. However, she is interested in a prick like herself.

    Noire holds her Sprites and Ravens as high as a member. 

    Unusual Personal Traits
    They are the people who she came best to know, and wears a necklace of the one who lead the 'flock' that died in honor. To the people she is to kill, she collects their skulls after the Ravens eat their carcasses to use them as a hiding place for her Sprites to hide or to call a cavern of their own.

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