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    18+/21+ Sub forum! Please read


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    18+/21+ Sub forum! Please read

    Post by Noire on Thu Jun 08, 2017 4:33 pm

    What is it?

    I have 18+ or 21+ members here. I know they're limited to what they can say on certain things, so I made a forum for them. Before I get any complaints from parents, there are warning signs on the forum before you get in, and no guest can view this forum. If your child looks at it, it's their own fault.

    What about moderators?
    I will clear something up before it becomes an issue. I have moderators who will be under and over 18. The moderators under 18, including myself will stay out of this forum. Unless I need to come in and settle an issue my 18+ moderators cannot, I will be staying out. I just want to clear that up. I'll also be posting this on the other forum on this site so no one gets upset saying the age thing is not fair since moderators get to do it. It is fair, and they have to follow rules too. And well.. I don't want sued either, so.. Make sure children stay out.

    Once again, there are members older than 18 (21 in some areas) who would like to be able to talk freely out of PG-13. Our chat is PG-13, everything is, except this subforum. I'm giving them a break. They can speak freely over there.

    Aren't some of your administrators under 18?
    Not really. I, myself, will not be entering the forum. I have the trusty administrator Lobo and moderator Alastar for that. So I don't get out of this either. Everyone follows the rules, even me. 

    I hope this doesn't upset too many people, but it shouldn't. It won't affect the pack at all. It just gives them a little bit more freedom like the rest of us. Hopefully, you understand. 

    As well, I hope you tread happily on ours lands Razz

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